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Hello there. My name is Vera and I am one of the lovely Las Vegas escorts. I love this job because I get to do what I love and in the process, make someone’s day, night, weekend or vacation. Las Vegas is about fun and awesome experiences. And that is what I am all about. If you are in Las Vegas and missing these things, then you are doing it wrong. Call me urgently and I will rectify the situation. Las Vegas is not a place to come and do the same old things. It is not a place to be bored. It is a place for new experiences. It is a place for fulfilling fantasies and it is certainly a place where memories are created or made. That is the Las Vegas I know and love. That is the Las Vegas I love working in. There is no better feeling than being the one helping create those memories.

Everybody has their own talents and what they are good at. For me, that is entertaining you. It comes naturally for me. I have always loved having fun and I have always been an interesting person to be around. I started being naughty ever since I can remember. I got into trouble for being curious and adventurous. But the more I grew up the more I understood it was not just a stage. It was who I was. Fast forward to the present, it is my career. I love it and always look forward to making you smile and being of help and service to you. If you wanted the secret as to why I have managed to become one of the best Las Vegas escorts, there is your answer. I have only been a Las Vegas escort for a few years but I have managed to go to the top. I can give any experienced Las Vegas escort a run for her money. And I will most likely come out on top. I’m not cocky. I’m speaking of what I know about myself and the feedback I get from you.

I am a playful person and love playing different kinds of games. I love role playing and coming up with all sorts of things to do. There is no boredom when you are with me. Whoever you are and whatever you like, I will not miss something fun to do with you. That is the mark of an escort worth her salt. I am not a one trick pony. I pride in my ability to come up with different fun things to do almost at the spur of the moment. Being an adventurous person, I like trying new things. Even if I escort you many times, all those times you will enjoy something great but different. That is what makes it fun. That is what ensures it is always interesting. I do this because I love this job and always look forward to it. It is not just about the money for me. The money is good. Don’t get me wrong. But it comes after not before.

Companionship is one of the most underrated aspects of being an escort. Many people come to me because they just need someone to talk to. Someone to lend them a listening ear. I like to take an interest in you and what you are all about. It does not matter how long you want to talk. It does not matter what it is about. It does not matter whether you just want me to listen without saying anything. I will be there and will do it. If you want someone to have dinner with and talk to, I can do that very well. I am an easy to relate to person and you will notice that when you meet me. I have a disarming smile that you will love.

The best thing about using my escort services is that you do not have to worry of being judged or me not liking what you want. You are the boss and it is all about what you want. I do not judge and instead I seek to understand. I genuinely care about my clients. In the course of things, I get to know about lots of things. If you tell me something you wish you had not, there is no need to beat yourself about it. I never share what happens or is said between us with anyone else. Not to my friends and certainly not to my other clients. It always remains between us.

Did I mention that I am an escort at Palomino? I bring more to the table and this is one more reason for you to use my services. You get the best of both worlds with me. You enjoy the services of a top stripper and a top escort all at the same time and from the same person. There are few things in Las Vegas better than that. If you wanted to know the stuff dreams and fantasies are made of, then this is it. In the comfort of your home, office or hotel, you will see me come alive. I will look gorgeous and elegant whenever we are outdoors. I love dancing and going to clubs like Drai’s and XS. But indoors is where my inner animal comes out. That is where you get to see me at my element. You can come to the strip club and watch me do my thing, but that is nothing compared to what I will do when it is just the two of us.

If you want to experience this and so much more, do not hesitate to contact me. I have a lot waiting in store for you. You will hate to see me leave but you can always call me again. It is always my pleasure to be at your service. I keep time and you will not wait for long from the time you call me. My number is 702-478-1330. Call me.